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Santiago de Cuba is the capital of the Santiago de Cuba province in south-eastern Cuba. Santiago is the second city of Cuba, and the birthplace of the current government. Fidel Castro and others launched their revolutionary movement from here in 1953 with the attack to the garrison named "Cuartel Moncada".

Popular Vacation Hotspots in Santiago (SCU), Cuba

Parque Cespedes. One of the main plazas in the city. It is ringed by impressive buildings; spanning from the colonial Casa de Diego Velazquez to the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) from whose balcony Fidel Casto proclaimed the triumph of the Revolution in January 1959.

Museo del Ron (Rum Museum), Bartolomé Masó No 358. A small museum in an attractive old house with displays (in Spanish) on the history of rum and sugarcane production in Cuba and its importance to the country, a walk through the rum-making process and a shot of Santiago de Cuba rum

Plaza de Marte Another large plaza, with monuments and pergolas. It becomes quite animated on weekend nights, especially when there is live music or a festival going on.

Balcón de Velázquez, at the corner of Bartolomé Masó & Mariano Corona. A balcony with lovely views over the city and the bay (only slightly tainted by the smokestacks rising from the harbor). Entrance is free but there is a 1CUC charge if you want to take pictures.

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