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Saint John is the largest city in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, located in the south of the province on the Bay of Fundy. Saint John is a city whose population is composed almost entirely of the descendants of Irish immigrants and British loyalists. Canada's oldest incorporated city, Saint John boasts a metro population of approximately 125,000 and routinely plays host to cruise ships and individual tourists from all over North America.

Popular Vacation Hotspots in Saint John (YSJ), Canada

The New Brunswick Museum was once known as the Gesner Museum, and was Canada's very first public museum. The Marco Polo ship was also launched from this port. This unique city is rich with historical firsts and events. The energy of this urban environment is kept fresh by the coastal breezes and beautiful beaches. Of course, if that isn't enough, the Bay of Fundy has tons of water sports available for you and your family to enjoy.

Top shopping malls in Saint John, Canada

Brunswick Square - Over 60 shops and services.
Lancaster Mall - Has been there for over 30 years.
McAllister Place - Free WiFi in the common areas throughout the shopping centre.
Parkway Mall - One of the best shopping malls.
Market Square - A really good shopping mall in Kelowna.
Dollar Store Plus - One of the best shopping malls in Kelowna.
Uptown Saint John Inc - Good for summer events. Check out their calendar.

Top Attractions in Saint John (YSJ), Canada

Fort Howe - Located in the city's North End, Fort Howe offers a panoramic view of the city and harbour as well as being a historic attraction.

City Market - The city market is located in the Uptown, with entrances on Charlotte and Germain Street.

New Brunswick Museum - Located in Market Square in the city's Uptown. The museum boasts a wide array of local historic information and artifacts, artwork, scientific exhibits and displays, and a Discovery Centre with many interactive and educational activities. Museum has to scale plaster of a mastadon skeleton and skeletons of whales.

Rockwood Park - Located in the North End, admission is free and the park offers a wide variety of walking, biking and horseback riding trails.

Irving Nature Park - Located on the West Side, admission is also free. A variety of walking trails lead travelers through woods, guide them into marshes, and bring them to beaches and lookout points on the sea.

King Square - In the heart of the Uptown, King Square is home to gardens, monuments, and the trademark Bandstand / Fountain at its center. Adjacent to King Square is the Loyalist City Burial Ground, whose cobblestone paths lead past graves over two centuries old.

Reversing Falls - As the Saint John River flows into the Bay of Fundy, whose tides are the highest in the world, strong rapids form as the tide rises and clashes with the flow of the river below the Reversing Falls bridge.

Carleton Martello Tower - The Carleton Martello Tower was originally built for the War of 1812. However by the time of its completion in 1815, the war was completed. It became used for military in 1866 and was used on and off by Canadian troops for nearly eighty years. It is now a Canadian National Historic Site.

Cherry Brook Zoo - Located in a northern section of Rockwood Park. Home to numerous endangered species as well as other exotic animals.

The Imperial Theatre - Located Downtown near the Market Square Mall, this historic theater features everything from plays to rock concerts.

Harbour Passage. Harbour Passage is a red paved walking path that runs from the Boardwalk Uptown to the Old Museum on Douglas Avenue.

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