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Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, thrives along the banks of Gomti River. The city, Awadh and Uttar Pradesh fell to the British during the imperialistic era. Today Lucknow is dotted with remnants of its rich cultural past.

Lucknow is also known for its elaborate cuisine and Chikankaari, or exquisite shadow-work embroidery on fine muslin cloth.

Lucknow is a historically important city and for many centuries was at the heart of North Indian culture. In particular, the city was famous for its Adab and Tehzeeb (manners and hospitality), intricate embroidery, beautiful gardens and dance forms such as Kathak. It was also one of the sites of the 1857 Indian Mutiny (or First War of Indian Independence). The Hindi spoken in Lucknow is considered the most beautiful and gentle in the country. Currently the city has a population of around 2.5 million.

Lucknow is the heart of the art, cuisine, dance, culture and music of Northern India. It was the cradle of the Hindu-Muslim-Sikh symbioses that made India great. it brought in the best of various cultures and accepted Western institutions like La Martiniere in her womb. It was made famous by the soft-spoken, and sweet tongued, Awadh-Lucknowai culture that was based on civilized behavior toward fellow human beings. Lucknow is the home of Urdu, Hindustani and Hindi languages. The city became known as a centre for Urdu poetry and courtly presence and diction, being the birthplace and city of residence for many poets. The Mushaira, an event of poetry recitation forms the heart of Lucknow's nightlife where Mushairas go on into the wee hours of the night. Lucknow's only rival in Northern India was Delhi, though Lucknowies were always embroiled in a healthy rivalry with Delhi, home of the famous poet Ghalib and others. Lucknow is also famous for its sweetmeat, the sweet shops in the old city dates to 1850s. Awadhi and mughlai food is the delight of the visitors to Lucknow.

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The Bara Imambara was built in the year 1784 by the fourth Nawab of Awadh known as Asaf-ud-Daula. It was built as a part of a relief project for a major famine that took place in the year 1784.

The British Residency of Lucknow is a famous historical landmark of this place. It is now in ruins and has been declared a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India.

One of the imposing structures built by the Nawabs of Lucknow, Chattar Manzil is a very famous tourist attraction of Lucknow. The most unique thing about the Chattar Manzil of Lucknow is the strikingly different architecture.

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Historical Sites in Lucknow (LKO), India

Imambara Ghufran Ma'ab

Bara Imambara

Qaisar Bagh

Chhota Imambara

Shah Najaf Imambara

Mir Babar Ali Anis ka maqbara

La Martiniere Lucknow

Bhool Bhulaiya

Talkatora Karbala

Rauza Kazmain

Rumi Darwaza


Karbala of Dayanat-ud-Daulah

Dilkusha Kothi

Dargah of Hazrat Abbas

Imambara Sibtainabad(Maqbara of Amjad Ali Shah)

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