Travel to Eleuthera (ELH), Bahamas

If you are looking for fine, isolated, empty beaches, Eleuthera is the place for you. You will see some of the finest, pink sand beaches, anywhere in the world.

Popular Vacation Hotspots in Eleuthera (ELH), Bahamas

Enjoy the many great beaches. The water is usually rougher (bigger waves) on the Atlantic side of the island.

Surfing near Gregory Town in North-Central Eleuthera.

Swim, snorkel or dive the tidal current at Current Cut (North Eleuthera). Thrilling!

Fishing is one of the biggest sports in Eleuthera. Several people have recommended Paul Petty as a good local fishing guide.

Explore the Hatchet Bay Cave

Explore some of the other caves on the island (there are several)! A) There is one just north of Ten Bay Beach (South of South Palmetto Point) - look out for the "Bahamas Heritage" sign on Queen's Highway. This one has a huge colony of bats, you can't miss them, and you will need a flashlight here! B) There is a nice system of caves just south of Rock Sound - look out for the "Bahamas Heritage" sign opposite to a church. You don't need any flashlight here. There is a small colony of bats in one of the caves. Also, look out for the turtle in the nearby "bottomless" pond. C) Preacher's Cave, close to a nice beach at the northern end of Eleuthera, is of historic interest as "The first Bahamian settlement". No flashlights needed here. The unpaved road, taking you the 2 miles or so from Queen's Highway to the cave, is a tough drive for a normal car (although possible).

Watch the Junkanoo parade in Tarpum Bay.

Take in a movie at the Globe Princess Theatre in Governor's Harbour (main Queen's Highway).

Feed the fishes (or swim with them) in the Ocean Hole in Rock Sound.

Take a bath in "Queen's Bath", a mile or so south of the Glass Window Bridge. But make sure to watch out for big waves!

Attend a "Friday Night's Fish Fry" in Governor's Harbour.

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Popular Tourist Destinations in Eleuthera (ELH), Bahamas

The many beautiful beaches
Current Cut in North Eleuthera
Preachers' Cave in North Eleuthera
Glass Window Bridge in North-Eleuthera
Queen's Bath south of Glass Window Bridge
Surfer's Beach south of Gregory Town
Hatchet Bay Caves south of Gregory Town
Ocean Hole in Rock Sound, South Eleuthera
Lighthouse Beach / Bannerman Lighthouse south of Bannerman Town
The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
Hill-Top Farm in North Eleuthera
The Blue Seahorse Gift Shop & Deli (Blue Seahorse)

5 stars and 4 stars Hotels near North Eleuthera Airport Eleuthera (ELH), Bahamas

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