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Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a good mix of the old and the new with a lot of old portions of Bhopal reminiscent of the Mughal influence and the new showcasing the planned development of a modern Indian city. Bhopal is the seat of the Madhya Pradesh Government and is a beautiful mid-sized city in the heart of India. It is said that Bhopal was originally called "Bhoj-pal" after Raja Bhoj, who is attributed with founding the city. It was an important part of the "Bhoj" kingdom with Ujjaini (a city close to Bhopal) being the seat of the kingdom.

Popular Vacation Hotspots in Bhopal (BHO), India

There are various old mosques in Bhopal that will give you a glimpse into the Mughal architecture, some of it from before the British raj and the people of Bhopal, particularly the mix of the Muslim and the Hindu population will also give you a glimpse of what makes India tick with so many different religions and cultures living together.

Some of the old mosques that are worth visiting are Taj-ul-Masajid (largest mosque in the country), Jama Masjid, Moti Masjid and Idgah.

Its a must to visit the old city market (chowk bazaar) and walk around the narrow lanes to see how the old city functions and also to get some great bargains on the special arts of Bhopal like the bead work and the hand embroidery that Bhopal is known for.

Another impressive museum worth visiting is the "Museum of Man", again created by the government of Madhya Pradesh to showcase how the tribes of the state live in their natural form, what they cultivate, what kind of tools they make and utilize in their daily lives etc. It has been created sprawled on a small hill and gives breathtaking views of the city.

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Popular Attractions in Bhopal (BHO), India

Upper Lake

Lower Lake

Along the Upper Lake and surrounding hills, the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh has created the biggest animal conservation area in the middle of a city. You can see tigers, leopards, bears, different types of water animals, birds, dears, etc. as you drive around "Van Vihar"

Kaliyasot Dam

Kerwa Dam

Kolar Dam

Mahadev Pani

Bhadbhada Dam

Hathaikheda Dam

Bharat Bhavan is a world famous museum.

Manav Sangralay is a museum of urban tribal culture.

State Museum is on the Shyamla Hills with artifacts of around Madhya Pradesh.

Tribal Museum A MUST VISIT museum with immense tribal beauty and life size huts and houses of various tribes.

Regional Museum It deals with various aspects of natural history, depicts the flora and fauna and ecosystem of the region.

Science Centeris a museum of science located at shyamla hills. It is a great attraction having science projects.

Van Vihar is a wildlife sanctuary.

Bhimbetka is a World Heritage site and has some of the oldest cave paintings of the world

The impressing bhojpur temple (Shiva temple, Bhojpur) began construction in the 11th century but was never completed. It boasts the largest Shiva-linga in India.

Manuabhan Takeri

Birla Mandir is a Radha-Krishna Mandir with a charismatic hill top view of Bhopal.

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